Classic TV Celebrities

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Ever wonder what those stars of the 50's, 60's, and the early 70's look like now?

Well, Here They Are!

Recent Photos of Classic TV Celebrities!

To start things off . . Here is MY ALL TIME FAVORITE STAR

Don Knotts who played "Barney Fife"!!

Can you guess who these Celebrities are?




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Can you guess who these Celebrities are?

(Answers are below)

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Below are the Names of the above individuals.

A - Debbie Reynolds

B - Munster Car

C - Pam Ferdin

D - Al Lewis & Butch Patrick

E - Al Lewis

(For a special treat, "Click" on the names below.)

1 - Erin Murphey (Tabitha from "Bewitched")

2 - Luke Halpin (Sandy from "Flipper")

3 - Alan Young (Wilbur from "Mr. Ed")

4 - Lou Ferrigno (from "The Incredible Hulk")

5 - Pat Priest (Marilyn from "The Munsters")

6 - Johnny Whitiker & Kathy Garvey (Jody & Cissy from "Family Affair")

7 - Betty Jo, Bobbie Jo & Billy Jo (from "Petticoat Junction")

8 - Linda Blair (from "The Exorcist")

9 - Jon Provost (Timmy from "Lassie")

10 - Stanley & Barry Livingston (Chip & Ernie from "My Three Sons")

11 - Phil Brown - (Uncle Owens from "Star Wars")

12 - Dan Haggerty (Adams from "Grizzly Adams")

13 - Lisa Stahl (from "Bay Watch")

14 - Bo Hopkins

15 - Paul Peterson

The following is an added bonus!

(Fidel Castro - or is it?)

Bo Hopkins

Pat Priest

Don Knotts (as Mr. Limpet)

Don Knotts (as Barney)

Kathy Garver

Erin Murphy, Johnny Whitaker & Elizabeth Montgomery

Don Knotts, Jim Nabors & Andy Griffith




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